Advanced Manufacturing

Tennessee combines a history of innovation with a skilled workforce and a business-friendly government to meet today’s high-tech manufacturing demands.

Manufacturing today is a high-tech endeavor that requires innovative ideas and the flexibility to use those innovations in both the product and the process. Combine the power of technology with our skilled and stable workforce, and you’ll have a competitive advantage in a diversified market.

That’s why Tennessee is a high-tech hotbed, with some of the most sophisticated manufacturing facilities in the world located right here.

Our commitment to innovation has landed Tennessee at the forefront of today’s manufacturing renaissance. Advanced manufacturing touches everything we produce here, from start-ups to brands like Beretta USA—the world's oldest manufacturer. To stay competitive, your company needs a steady pipeline of qualified workers who can excel in this new manufacturing environment. Tennessee leads the nation in developing and maintaining an educated, well-trained workforce.

Recognizing that a skilled workforce is crucial, Tennessee collaborates with private and public colleges and universities to create top tier programs designed to support the business community. Tennessee launched the Labor Education Alignment Program (LEAP), focused on increasing opportunities for post-secondary education compatible with workplace needs. Tennessee Promise—guaranteed last-dollar scholarships for all students for two years of community college—is another part of Governor Haslam’s Drive to 55, a push to increase the number of Tennesseans with post-secondary credentials to 55 percent by the year 2025.

Tennessee believes in the power of manufacturing. Over the last three years, Tennessee has posted the second largest percentage increase in the Southeast in manufacturing GDP, which reached $45.8 billion in 2015. That’s 16 percent of the state’s total GDP.

Tennessee exports more than $30 billion in manufactured goods annually. Our largest categories of exported products include: transportation equipment, computer and electronic products, chemicals, miscellaneous manufactured commodities, and machinery, except electrical. These five sectors account for 77 percent of the state’s manufacturing exports.

Advanced manufacturing job creation in Tennessee far outpaces national growth, at 11.3% job growth in Tennessee compared to 5.2% nationally from 2011 to 2016.

Tennessee is the right place at the right time for your manufacturing needs. An ideal location, affordable cost of doing business and competitive wage mean a more efficient operation and increased revenues.

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