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Florida is a natural contender in the fast-growing clean technologies (cleantech) industry with rich natural resources, diverse R&D assets and focus on commercialization. All around Florida, major cleantech projects are creating thousands of jobs in clean energy generation, energy efficient products, green buildings, water and bioremediation technologies and other areas.


Areas of Excellence: solar technologies and electronics, cellulosic biofuels and enzymes, ocean energy, energy storage including batteries and fuel cells, and smart grid.

Select Companies in Florida: Alternate Energy Technologies, Advanced Solar Photonics, American Energy Innovations, Green Circle Bio Energy, EnerFuel, Ocean Renewable Power Company, PetroAlgae, Saft, Vercipia Biofuels.


Areas of Excellence: LEDS and OLEDs; advanced materials including nanomaterials, coating, bioplastics, and ceramics; green architecture; building controls and automation; energy modeling.

Select Companies in Florida: Dais Analytic, FHP Manufacturing/BOSCH Group, Industrial Nanotech, LEDnovation, MSCW, Textured Coatings of America, Trifecta Construction Solutions.


Areas of Excellence: reverse osmosis and desalination technologies, water remediation, bioremediation, waste treatment technologies.

Select Companies in Florida: Argonide Corporation, AquaFiber Technologies, EcoArray, Ionz BlueWater Solutions, Matrix, Osprey Biotechnics.

Fast Facts

  • Florida ranks 7th in cleantech employment, with nearly 103,000 clean jobs
  • Florida really is the "Sunshine State" - home to the nation's largest solar photovoltaic plant
  • Florida is one of the nation's largest producers of biomass and agriculture waste - including wood, citrus, sugar and more
  • Florida's 1200 miles of coastline and proximity to the Gulf Stream are well suited for all types of ocean energy R&D and deployment
  • Florida offers one of the nation's largest markets for clean technologies to serve emerging markets
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