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Virginia's pro-business climate, global access and talented workforce combine to make the ideal location for corporate headquarters. From an affordable lifestyle and competitive business environment to a skilled and ready labor force, Virginia is one of the most desirable places for business in America. Corporate headquarters in Virginia enjoy a business-friendly climate characterized by stable and competitive taxes, payroll costs and lease rates, as well as legislation that protects "at will" employment practices.

Virginia's Corporate HQ Industry

  • Virginia is home to 65 corporate headquarters of firms that have an annual revenue of more than $500 million
  • Twenty-three companies headquartered in Virginia have annual sales of at least $5 billion
  • Virginia is also home to the corporate headquarters of 37 Fortune 1000 companies, and many of the largest private companies in the United States
  • An existing business concentration with a large, growing labor pool of skilled professional workers
  • A central East Coast location with easy access to major national and international markets
  • A low cost of doing business
  • All the amenities necessary to recruit and keep a professional workforce, including colleges and universities offering specialized business and technical degrees
  • Virginia has the second highest concentration of tech workers in the nation; nearly one of every 10 private sector workers in Virginia works for a technology company

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Contact Info Virginia

Contact Name:
Antje Abshoff, Managing Director of Europe

State of Virginia, European Office
Steinstrasse 56
81667 Munich, Germany
Mobile: +49 172 423 7646

State Demographics Virginia

Region: Atlantic
Population: 8.47 m (2017) -> 8.41 m
Gross State Product: 494 billion (2016)
Exports: 16.52 b (2017)
Labor Force: 4.31 m (2017)
Unemployment Rate: 3.6 % (10/2017)
Per capita real GDP: $ 52,957 (2016)
Capital City: Richmond
Principal Cities: Arlington, Alexandria, Chesapeake, Hampton, Norfolk, Virginia Beach

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