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Data centers in Georgia can operate with a low risk of business disruption due to the state's highly reliable power and fiber optic infrastructure. Smart tax incentives and industrial power costs well below the national average enable data centers in Georgia—including Google, Quality Technology Services (QTS), AT&T, Hewlett Packard (HP), Internap and others—to offer reliable service and lower prices to customers.

Two of the country's largest fiber routes interconnect in Metro Atlanta, resulting in a built in, high-tech ecosystem for data centers, creating the Southeast's largest concentration of telecom companies.


Data centers in Georgia can:

  • Mitigate business risk by tapping into a statewide integrated transmission system that is a hub for the country's two largest fiber-optic trunks
  • Control spending by using non-regulated telecommunications services
  • Leverage a pre-qualified talent base with degrees in Computer and Information Systems Management, Database Administration and Network Computer Systems Administration and the certification in Information Assurance
  • Connect with the intellectual resources of Georgia's public university system through innovative data certification programs focused on the training and development of a talented workforce for the area's growing number of data centers
  • Maintain competitive edge by engaging the Georgia Centers for Advanced Telecommunications Technology (GCATT), the Georgia Electronic Design Center (GEDC), and The Broadband Institute at Georgia Tech to help design and develop custom broadband systems, computing and content processing

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