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Defense contractors in Georgia are better positioned to win defense contracts and receive superior training for their workforce. The Air Force and the Army award the largest defense contracts in terms of dollar value to Georgia companies, while a military presence that ranks in the top five nationwide has created a sophisticated educational and training culture for defense contractors in the state.

Eight of the top 10 defense contractors in the nation have operations in Georgia, including Lockheed Martin, Boeing, Northrop Grumman, General Dynamics (Gulfstream), Raytheon, BAE Systems, United Technologies (Pratt & Whitney), L-3 Communications, and SAIC. Other notable Georgia defense companies include Heckler & Koch, Glock, Daniel Defense, and others.

With a strong military presence, an historic R&D partnership with the U.S. Air Force, and an outstanding educational system of 51 four-year colleges and universities as well as 35 technical colleges, defense contractors in Georgia are able to compete for government contracts and maintain the competitive advantage of a highly-skilled and highly-trained workforce tailored to the defense industry.

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