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Developing and commercializing energy solutions can be achieved with less risk at a lower cost in Georgia. Georgia is the country's leading source of sustainable biomass and has an abundance of renewable natural resources such as pine trees, 10 million acres of agricultural land, and new alternative energy crops including renewable, fast-growing Giant Miscanthus.

Energy solution providers are able to accelerate renewable energy solutions in a lower-risk environment, with quick and easy access to global markets, due to Georgia's smart tax incentives, access to the top source for commercial timberland in the U.S., innovative industry research, and Georgia's global logistics "super network." Electricity costs below the national average will help solar technology manufacturers and renewable energy producers control their operating budgets, as well.

Georgia's business-friendly energy ecosystem lowers costs and increases competitive advantage for businesses in the solar, wind, smart grid, biofuel, battery and fuel cell fields. In addition, energy solutions providers located in Atlanta join an environment and business culture that leads the nation in energy conservation, with more than three million square feet of LEED certified buildings.

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