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Ohio consistently ranks first among U.S. states in the creation of new energy projects. Welcome to a state that's unquestionably friendly to innovative energy supply.

Ohio's energy future is already in motion, and we want to accelerate yours. State leadership has strongly committed to programs that retool our workforce, support collaborative research between industry and academia, and provide crucial funding.

From cellulosic ethanol to the extraordinary promise of shale gas, energy investment, research and production happens here every day.

A mile and a half underground in eastern Ohio is one of the most exciting U.S. energy opportunities in decades. Experts believe the Utica and Marcellus shale formations could produce enough natural gas to meet country's needs for years to come. Leasing agreements are being created to allow exploration, drilling, production, pipeline construction and transport throughout the region.

A recent economic impact study suggests that over the next four years, as many as 200,000 jobs could be created as a result. Utica offers extraordinary potential — will you be among the companies to invest first?

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