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This sector is concentrated in and around Chicago and is one of the which offers one of the largest, most diverse pools of business and financial service expertise in the USA , with nearly 1 million employees. Chicago is considered the "consulting" capital of America with accountancy, legal tax, recruitment and other consultancy services estimated to employ over 100,000 people.

Illinois has more state-chartered banks than any other state in the United States and ranks in the top three states in the amount of total banking assets, total trust assets and number of foreign bank offices. Large banks in Chicago include JP Morgan Chase, Bank of America, BMO Harris Bank, HBSC and Northern Trust Bank. Large Insurers include Allstate Corporation and Aon.

Three of the world top ten international exchanges are in Illinois including the Chicago Board of Trade, the Chicago Stock Exchange, and the Chicago Mercantile Exchange- which is the world's largest futures exchange. This in turn has spawned a number of financial tech (fin-tech) leaders and companies. Chief amongst these are Morningstar, ThinkorSwim, Infinium Capital Management, GETCO and Jump Trading.


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