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IT and Communications in Illinois

Illinois Information Technology and Telecommunications Industry

Illinois's information technology industry is based in around Chicago, which has the third-highest concentration of technology establishments in the US. The industry comprises of more than 18,000 technology establishments employing an estimated 200,000 IT workers. The largest IT firms in Illinois include Navteq, CDW, Microsoft, Google and IBM. Illinois is also home to new internet giants like Groupon, Orbitz, and Grubhub and in fact has a growing reputation as an exciting hub for IT start-ups: YouTube, PayPal, and Yelp were founded by graduates from Illinois Universities. Over the past 15 years there has been more than $8 billion in venture capital invested in Chicago area start- ups with an average investment of over $7 million.

Illinois is also home to over 250 telecommunications establishments that collectively employ 6,800 workers. Leading telecommunications firms located in the State include Motorola, Telllabs, SBC Global Services, Shure and Westall.

Around Chicago there is a growing cluster of companies in the Web, mobile and e-commerce sector. From 2014 to 2015, the number of web, mobile and e-commerce companies increased by 370 and the number of employees in web, mobile and e-commerce increased by 6,809 in the same time period. Chicago's entrepreneurial hub for digital startups, 1871, ranked 1st in the United States and 4th globally in the UBI Global list of Top University- Affiliated Business Incubators in 2015. 1871 has graduated at least 40 companies, which have in turn generated over 500 jobs. In 2015, $285.15M was invested into Chicago's web, mobile and e-commerce related industry segments*. This is a 96.2% YOY increase from the $145.37M invested in those segments in 2014.


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