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Information Technology firms in Missouri, including DST Systems, Cerner Corporation, and Jack Henry & Associates, benefit from low operating costs, turn-key telecommunications infrastructure, and low risk of natural disasters.

Missouri Offers a Safe Environment for Protecting Your Data

  • Missouri offers over 18 million square feet of underground sites, offering natural climate control, enhanced security, and reduced vulnerability to natural disasters.

Missouri's Turn-Key Infrastructure Reduces Start-up Costs

    • Missouri has over 2 million high speed lines including fiber, cable modem, and satellite (FCC).
    • Missouri benefits from the presence of the National LambdaRail (NLR) and Internet2, which are high-speed national networks connecting research institutions to enable fast exchange of data. The National LambdaRail is a 12,000 mile, high-speed national network infrastructure that runs over fiber-optic lines. Based in Kansas City, Internet2 is an advanced network consortia connecting over 60,000 educational, research, government, and community institutions over their advanced fiber-optic network. More than 950 companies in Missouri are engaged in telephone, cable and wireless communications as providers, suppliers, and contractors (

Missouri Telecommunications Association


Many Information Technology Companies Have Already Found Success Here

Bick Group: (HQ St. Louis) Provides design, assess floor, fire protection, and building controls solutions for data centers.

Cass Information Systems: (HQ St. Louis) Founded in 1906 as Cass Avenue Bank, provides payment and information services for financial, accounts payable, transportation, logistics, utility and telecommunications applications.

Cerner Corporation: (HQ Kansas City) Provider of health care information technology solutions.

DST Systems: (HQ Kansas City) Offers automated recordkeeping for the mutual fund industry. A division of Kansas City Southern Industries, DST is the largest provider of third-party shareholder recordkeeping in the U.S.

Emerson Electric Company: (HQ St. Louis) A global manufacturing and technology company offering products and services in process management, climate technologies, network power, storage solutions, professional tools, appliance solutions, major technologies, and industrial automation. Emerson recently built a new data center in Missouri powered by more than 550 solar panels, providing 16% of the center's energy requirements during peak output.

IBM: (Columbia) IBM recently selected Columbia for a new technology delivery center, which will provide customer assistance for more than 800 IBM products.

Jack Henry & Associates: (HQ Monett) Processes transactions, automates business processes and manages mission-critical information for more than 8,700 financial institutions and corporate entities.

MEMC Electronic Materials: (HQ St. Louis) MEMC is a global leader in the manufacture and sale of wafers and related products to the semiconductor and solar industries.

Simclar Group: (Springfield) The Springfield facility is dedicated to backplane assembly and high level integration of complex electronic systems for leading telecom and datacom customers.

The I.T. Talent Pool is Deep In Missouri

Missouri's workforce has the education that Information Technology companies require:

  • 10 Missouri colleges and universities offer a Bachelor's or higher degree in electrical or computer engineering, and 34 institutions offer a Bachelor's or higher degree in computer science.
  • 86.9% of Missouri's population over 25 (over 3 million people) has attained a high school diploma or higher, exceeding the national average of 85.6%.In 2010, 79,526 post-secondary degrees/certificates were awarded in the state. Of those, 39,570 were bachelor's degrees, 19,403 were master's degrees and 4,651 were doctorates. The numbers of degrees awarded in all categories exceeded the national average.Over one million Missourians hold a Bachelor's degree or higher (U.S. Census Bureau, American Community Survey).


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