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Logistics, Warehousing and Distribution


Iowa is a major exporter to ports all over the globe – aided by air, water, rail, and highway systems designed for commerce. The state’s central geographic location in the United States makes it easier to move products around the world. Two major coast-to-coast, border-to-border interstate arteries (Interstate 35 and Interstate 80) pass through Iowa and are principal roads in America’s transportation grid. Barge freight is accommodated via the Mississippi and Missouri rivers.

  • Three interstate highways — I-35, I-80 and I-29 — pass through Iowa offering coast-to-coast, border-to-border access in the U.S. transportation grid. The state‘s network of highways, intercontinental and short-line railroad and barge routes combine to provide efficient and cost-effective transportation choices.
  • Iowa has 4,389 miles of railway lines, with 2,431 miles of railway tracks classified as Class 1.
  • More than 175 million pounds of cargo are transported through Iowa’s annually.
  • There are 62 barge terminals that ship and receive tonnage in Iowa — 57 on the Mississippi River and five on the Missouri River.

Iowa State University (ISU) offers a Transportation and Logistics (TRLOG) program that is recognized as one of the top five in the United States.

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