Eighty percent (80%) of the entire automotive manufacturing industry is within overnight delivery distance of the state, since West Virginia lies directly in the middle of the US automotive manufacturing corridor—equidistant between Detroit, the southern automotive states, and the Midwest. Automotive parts manufacturing is a crucial element of West Virginia's overall industrial profile, due in large part to the state's central location. Industry leaders in the automotive industry can be found in West Virginia, among them Allevard Sogefi, Diamond Electric, Hino Motors Manufacturing, K.S. of West Virginia, NGK Spark Plug, Nippon Thermostat of America, and Toyota Motor Manufacturing.

West Virginia's central location in the automotive manufacturing market, its hard-working and dedicated employees, and overall quality of life, enables the state to constantly attract new investment from major international firms. In April 2012, Gestamp, a Spanish automotive stamping company, chose West Virginia for its new US production facility. They will be a primary supplier to Ford and Honda, and have invested $100 million in a facility, creating an estimated 700 jobs.

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