• IT firms in Georgia are positioned to perform and grow quickly. Georgia’s skilled workforce and broadband infrastructure ensure superior staffing and reliable communications for businesses in IT-related fields. Financial incentives help entrepreneurs launch groundbreaking ideas. Access to qualified people and a robust fiber-optic network enables IT companies to expand.
  • CyberSecurity- With more than 120 cybersecurity companies generating over $4.7 billion annually, Georgia serves as one of America’s elite cybersecurity hubs, ranking No. 3 in the nation for information security.
  • Georgia is the proud home of the U.S. Army Cyber Command, the central post for all of the U.S. Army’s CyberSecurity operations. More than 4,700 high-tech military personnel will be relocated to Fort Gordon as part of this growth within military intelligence, cyber and the NSA. The Army Cyber Command, combined with the Georgia Cyber Center and the Army Cyber Center of Excellence already in operation at Fort Gordon, will continue to ensure that Georgia remains at the top of national and global cyber defense efforts.

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  • Data Centers- With 70% of all financial transaction passing through Georgia – and with booming cybersecurity and IT industries – Georgia is at the epicenter of information sharing. And all of that data must be transmitted and stored securely.
  • And with access to a deep pool of quality talent, a robust telecom infrastructure and low cost of business, it’s no surprise more than 50 leading companies around the world have established major data centers in Georgia.

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  • FinTech- Georgia is the epicenter of payment processing and ranks third in the nation for total FinTech revenue, behind only New York and California where the cost of business is much higher.
  • More than $208 million has been invested in Georgia’s FinTech industry since 2013, and Georgia ranks in the Top 5 states for total fiber and bandwidth access. More than 70% of all credit card swipes, debit card payments, and gift card purchases go through Georgia-based companies, earning our region the nickname “Transaction Alley”.

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