Welcome to the State of Wisconsin

Wisconsin is more than picturesque farmland, plentiful freshwater and woodland escapes. It’s the innovators, weekend warriors, philanthropists and inventive visionaries who form the soul of our state.

It’s the people who are driven to make their mark.

Those who call Wisconsin home have a restless drive to invent, a sense of pride in their work and fervor for creating and achieving. Here, we rise up—to solve challenges, explore passions and meet the world’s ever-evolving needs. People and businesses alike flourish with Wisconsin’s support. And our determination has made us leaders in global industries and quality of life.

In Wisconsin, if you can think it, you can make it happen…whether you’re dreaming of a better job, improving the world, starting a family or simply enjoying the experiences Wisconsin life has to offer.


Wisconsin is making a positive difference in the world through global business development. The state’s strategic location, deep support of industry, world-class workforce and investment in research and development have enabled local businesses to make a significant impact internationally.

The state is also full of opportunities for global companies looking to expand their operations. While widely known as an agricultural pioneer and leading producer of dairy products, Wisconsin is succeeding in key industries like advanced manufacturing; water technology; bio health; aerospace; food and beverage; and energy, power and control.



State Governor: Tony Evers

Contact Info Wisconsin

Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation
AHP International Group
Karl-Heinrich-Ulrichs-Strasse 11
10787 Berlin / Germany
Tel: +49 (0)30 4036876-12

Mr. Stefan Peikert, Director EU Office
Mobile: +49 171 303 2576

Mr. Andreas Schindler,
Consultant EU Office
Mobile: +49 160 9449 7467

Mr. Francisco Carrillo
Director Global Trade & Investment Div.

State Demographics Wisconsin

Region: Midwest
Population: 5.8 million (2020)
State Gross Product: $ 348 billion (2019)
Exports: $ 20.5 billion (2020)
Labor Force: 2.9 million (2020)
Latest Unemployment Rate: 3,8 % (March 2021)
Per Capita Personal Income: $ 55,847 (2020)
Capital City: Madison
Principal Cities: Milwaukee, Green Bay, Kenosha, Eau Claire, La Crosse

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